Sydney 10th of June 2007

What an amazing evening. Barry you did not stop making the crowd cry with laughter with your hillarious jokes, I had sore ribs the next day. You are a great performer and entertainer. The highlight of the evening was when I got to shake hands with you and have a quick chat at the end of the show. Keep up the good stuff and I definatley will be at your show in Plett in January. Eitan Swartz
- Eitan Swartz

“THANK YOU”!!! And we love you!

Just a short note to tell you how much people enjoy your shows, and what an impact you have on them. You let them see the funny side of life in all kinds of situations! I basically just wanted to say “THANK YOU”!!! And we love you!
- Stella van Niekerk

Namibian Comedy Festival

The National Theatre of Namibia would like to thank you for your participation in our Comedy Festival for 2011 –your professionalism was apparent at every turn. We appreciate the extra time you took to mingle with our audience members before and after the show. Not only were you extremely funny, but your material was clean and your presentation was respectful and very professional. We received nothing but positive feedback from our attendees and hope to work with you again in 2012. Kindest regards The NTN Team! 13 October 2011 By: Enid Johr (NTN)
- Enid Johr (NTN)

Welkom 19 April 2007

An absolute riot of laughter... I wish I had this show on dvd... it was an awesome comic experience!!!
- Bronwyn rabbolini


Wow!!! Funniest oak I have ever seen. I just look at you and I want to laugh! Watch your dvd at Emporers Palace about 30 times in one month. Given it to all my friends!
- Stephanie

Live in Melbourne

He's good and clean and clean and fresh. Best comedy ive seen in Melbourne. Even the comedy festival here could not produced a better artist. Rip roaring clean fun, and do mean clean. i cant believe i never saw him in South Africa.
- wendell

Centurion Theatre

Oh my gosh! I don't think I have laughed so much in my 53 years.... We saw Barry at the Centurion Theatre last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. To stand up for one and a half hours and make people laugh is no mean feat. Well done! Keep up the laughter - Heaven knows, South Africa really need it!
- Ann Donnelly


My name is Marischen Neefs. I'm in 11th grade and at the moment I'm in Japan, Tokyo. I go to an International School and at the moment we had speech try-outs. I really wanted to do Humorous because, well I do think that I can be funny. The problem was trying to find something that would land me the part so that's where you come in. I used one of your stories, which one? Well my favourite is the one about the dagga. It makes me laugh all the time so I thought that I should use it and see what happens. I presented it to my judges and when I had finished they could not stop laughing. So that means I got the part. I know this might not seem interesting to you but I would like to thank you for your inspiration. I hope to do well when the competition comes and I will be using some of your stories. Oh by the way I am South African and proud of it. Thank you again. Yours Sincerely, Marischen Neefs
- Marischen Neefs


I just love Barry. I watched his DVD when he was in Sydney, Australia and to see how the people there took to him was amazing. I have 3 sisters and one brother, and when we get together we laugh. We tell jokes and forget the troubles, and that is what Barry does for me. Keep it up Barry, we need people like you around.
- Hester Crafford

Tuning you since 82 - Sibaya Casino - Durbs

What an excellent show Barry. It was absolutely brilliant. You are such a talented man and bring so much laughter to all of those around you. That is something really fantastic. Chat soon. Charls
- Charlene Pearce (aka Charls)

Working Class Cousin DVD

Barry's new DVD, Working Class Cousin, is FABULOUS! We had the best bellyache laughs. Get your copy and laugh like never before
- Alison Sherman

Engen Royal Blue Big Breakfast

I think we hit the ‘jackpot’ by teaming Barry Hilton and JP Landman for our event! They both added such great value. Barry’s humour, ability to relate to our audience and to think on his feet really made him a great asset on the day! I really appreciated that he took the time to network with our guests at each table. He also handled one of the mic’s while facilitating the Q&A session with JP Landman which made this often intimidating and serious end of the morning great fun, yet productive and informative. Many thanks to both gents for both being such professionals and making this such a wonderful event!
- Karin Parson


On Sunday I bought your new DVD at Look and Listen at Eastrand Value Mall and I think this is you best one ever. I met a woman about 8 weeks ago, a real gem, an angel sent from God and she loves your DVDs, cause now we got 3 of your DVDs. Are you coming up to Gauteng specially Emperors or Carnival cause I want to introduce you to her.
- "Oupa Elvis" Wolmarans

Tusk Casino Empangeni

I was so excited when my husband bought us tickets to see Barry live, it was such a supprise as I had wanted to go to one of his shows for so long, we work long hours and do not have much time to ourselves so this was supposed to be such a treat, however, 10 armed robbers stole this excitement away from us as they hit the casino at 20h05 yesterday just after the show started. I did however get to meet Barry as he sat with us after my husband collapsed at the casino. I know that you said we should not let this scare us but I have lost one husband through and armed robbery and now almost again, I just do not know if I will ever set foot in the Casino again.
- Tusk Casino Empangeni

Supplier Luncheon at Wanderers Club - 26 Nov 2008

Hey Barry, They say time flies when you are having fun. That is what happened to the 140 guests we had at the Wanderers last Wednesday. Before we knew it, you were already on your way back to Port Elizabeth, leaving ALL the guests still laughing and giggling, at your own unique and fantastic style of holding the audience in the palm of your hand. A number of our guests mentioned to me, that the laughter had given them stomach pains. (Wanderers assures me however, that it was your jokes, and not their food causing these pains) Thank you for an outstanding afternoon of fun and laughter! I need to tell you that I have never had this many compliments, in the entire eight years of hosting the lunch. Boy – you blew the people away! Not only the suppliers, but our staff as well. I have since had many phone calls, emails and sms’s asking me to thank you for making the day so memorable. From all the Directors and Management at Stewarts & Lloyds, the day was very special for us, we managed to spoil our suppliers rotten – thank you once again. Regards Kevin van Buuren.
- Kevin van Buuren

Finding Lenny

FINDING LENNY This local comedy directed by Neal Sundstrom follows a series of misfortunes that befall its lead character, Lenny, (played by Barry Hilton) and his triumphant return to happiness when circumstances (and soccer) collide to provide him with some interesting new options in life. Dubbed 'a comedy with balls', Finding Lenny is a big screen debut for well-known South African comedian, Barry Hilton (also known as The Cousin). Hilton is joined by a cast that includes Russell Savadier, Yule Masiteng and Catriona Andrew, with cameo performances by Mark Fish and Phil Masinga as themselves.
- Writing Studio

Generation Game - Gary

My son is besotted with Barry after the last TV series of Generation Game, so when their class was given an assignment to complete on a world famous comedian, he immediately selected Barry.
- Gary Paul

Appreciative Cousin

In this impersonal and uncaring world wherein raise our children, it’s an absolute delight when people of status react in the uncomplicated manner in which you did. Having children of your own I’m sure you can understand that your accessibility to my son can be categorised along with other miracles such as raising the dead. I do believe that should you one day decide to give up comedy, you may could fill Madiba’s place in his Foundation. Seriously, your gift with children is an absolute joy. The only problem I had was trying to calm my son down before his bed time!
- Gary Paul

Generations Game

My five year old daughter thinks Barry Hilton is wonderful and she spends Monday through Wednesday anxiously waiting for Thursday evening to arrive so she can watch Barry and Cindy on the Generation Game. No-one is allowed to disturb her and if anyone changes the channel during ad breaks, she gets very upset, because she doesn’t want to miss a second of watching Barry or Cindy. Just wanted to let Barry and Cindy know that we have one very happy five year old little girl in our household because of the Generation Game, but more especially because of Barry and Cindy. Thanks for all the laughs. Lisa Cant-Haylett
- Lisa Cant-Haylett

ITS User Group Conference

Our sincere thanks to you for attending our Opening Cocktail Function at the recent ITS User Group Conference. Engaging a stand-up Comedian to entertain our delegates was something of a first at our conferences and judging by the responses received on the Conference Evaluation Forms, undoubtedly a hit with the audience. Thank you and best wishes to yourself and Sandy
- ITS User Groups Conference

Menlyn Barnyard

We booked very special tickets at the Menlyn Barnyard for 22 Sept 08. My husband was in a car accident in March 2007 which left him 100% disabled as quadriplegic. Nerveless to say the mood swings and depression with your condition is suddenly part of your daily life. He is really a big Barry Hilton fan, and we bought the available DVD’s for him to watch. He was laughing so much and enjoy it so that I just know that I need to book tickets for a Barry live show. I was struggling the whole year to get tickets close (in PTA), not always easy to travel with the electric wheelchair. My husband’s birthday is 21 Sept. I received a mail for the Menlyn Barnyard show and I couldn’t believe that it’s so close on my husband’s birthday, after struggling the whole year. I booked for the Sunday on his Birthday but the family did gather and moved the booking the Monday the 22. He did not know all about this, as we arrived at Menlyn we told him we are going to see an Abba Musical performance. The lady sitting next to we also bay in on the Abba musical. The next moment she asked my husband do you know this man (Barry walking dawn the hall passing our seats) He was so surprised. And Barry you really took the time talking a few seconds and make a joke. Thanks a lot for this few seconds; it will forever be a good memory to look back at. After the show still come and shake hands again. You really made this performance for our family a very special occasion even if it was only seconds of your time. Thanks for being such a great guy. We will still in future buy every DVD that we can get hold of. Thanks again for a night to remember!!! JEFF THOMAS & FAMILY
- Jeff Thomas

Heart Foundation - September 08

On behalf of the Foundation we would like to express our sincere appreciation for your contribution to our annual fund raising golf day. By all accounts, the occasion was an overwhelming success. The feedback received thus far, bares testimony to the fact. We cannot thank you enough, and certainly cannot do without your sustained and continued support. Please accept our warmest and sincere thanks from the executive and organizing committee of the Foundation. Send our best wishes to your lovely wife, Sandy. It was a pleasure meeting her for the first time. Kind regards, Rocky Warby
- Rocky Warby

Entertainment Online

Barry Hilton was excellent on Saturday. Not only with entertaining our staff, but he also interacted with us and generally went out of his way to make our function an enjoyable one
- Belinda

Show at Civic Theatre Saturday 28/06/2008

We attended the above show (my husband, Son, Daughter-in-Law and myself). My husband made the booboo of saying Barry’s last show was Cooking with Gas. In fact that was the first show we saw with our family (excluding our eldest daughter). The second show we saw was held at Carnival City (neither my husband or I can remember it’s title – we are also 50 and over now). The reason for my communication is to just give a huge thumbs up – our eldest daughter (who now resides in Australia in a little town called Leonora) had seen several of Barry’s shows and told us to go – but money or other circumstances always got in the way. We were then given one of Barry’s videos and needless to say we are totally hooked. My husband will move the earth to be able to attend. Last night started as a disaster (my husband never got his meal at News Café – he sent it back three times and gave it up as a bad job) but ended with a huge bang. We all said the show ended just in time because we could not laugh any more. Our youngest daughter us now also resident in Australia (in a little town called Laverton) so all our grandchildren are now Aussies and we will be visiting them in December and hopefully soon will also be moving there – but we sincerely hope that Barry will do more shows in Perth so that we can still keep up with his Lekker South African Humour. We tried to subscribe to his news letter but it keeps giving an error – we will keep trying. God Bless Barry and his family. Lots of love and Best Wishes Frank, Delores and the rest of the Moore / Du Plessis / Pero Family
- Frank, Delores and the rest of the Moore / Du Plessis / Pero Family

Finding Lenny

All Barry wants is to be taken seriously Saturday March 21, 2009 23:23 - (SA) Barry Hilton is one helluva oke. I don’t understand why he’s never received an accolade for his achievements – he’s one of the most talented comics of our time. I struggle throughout our chat to keep a straight face – and laugh all the way through to the end. He has a knack for saying the funniest things with a straight face. I meet him at the Nu Metro head office in Rosebank, Joburg, where he’s having a meeting concerning his movie debut. Yes, he’s an actor too. “I’ve been an actor all my life – 26 years, to be exact, it just took me 25 years to get the part. “I think my agent was k*k,” he says, cracking up. He plays the lead in a forthcoming local film, Finding Lenny. “I was made for this part. The movie was written for me. It’s amazing how Lenny and I have so much in common. “He’s a normal oke who just has bad luck . His wife leaves him for a hot stud on his birthday – just like my second wife did, he loses his job and gets hijacked all in one day. “And everyone tells him everything happens for a reason. I strongly believe that. “I’m 53 and I’ve been married three times. My second wife left me for my best friend. He just doesn’t know he’s my best friend. I realised afterwards that he did me a huge favour. I’m truly grateful,” he says with a big smile on his face. I find it astonishing that he can speak of such hurtful experiences so nonchalantly. He lets on that I got him at a sad time in his life. “I have a brother who is very sick and might not make it to the premiere of my movie. It kills me to think about it.” Suddenly I see a very different, sensitive side to the funny man. He continues that though he’d been married twice, had five children and swore never to marry again, he finally met the love of his life, Sandy, four years ago. “I married at 21, then again at 24. The first didn’t work out. We had one kid. The second time I really did not see it coming and didn’t want a divorce, but yeah. “Then after I wrote off marriage and cursed it I met my darling Sandy, who is 19 years my junior, but you’d swear she is the older one in the relationship. “When she met me for the first time I gave her this look and she just shot me down saying ‘don’t even think about it, you’re far too old for me’. “Now she’s married to me. How’s that for irony? She has the greatest tits ... hah hah hah. But yeah, she completes me. I love her so much.” Hilton is disappointed that he’s never been nominated for an award. “Who does the nominating and judging for these awards? ’Cos clearly they have missed me. My heart has been broken. “Do you know I don’t have one award, yet my show last year alone was sold out and 79000 people saw it. “Like my bra Leon Schuster. Millions watch his movies, yet critics tell him he’s not funny or good enough. “K*k man.” Hilton is passionate about his trade . “ I take comfort in knowing that I make a difference by making people laugh. “What’s better than seeing people happy? So ja, to hell with the awards. My wife always tells me my reward is in the dozens of people who ask for my autograph,” he says. He’s always seen life differently from us normal folk and could always crack a joke. But he had to settle on being an electrician at first, ‘cos his dad wouldn’t hear anything about entertainment as a career. “My dad questioned my sexuality. Back in the days it was frowned upon to be in the arts, because it wasn’t the manly thing to do. So I left school became an electrician, hated it, but was often reminded that as a white oke I didn’t have to do much. The government would sort me out with a house and alles. It wasn’t what I wanted.” It’s even more depressing for Hilton that his parents died before his success. They never saw him perform on stage. “And to think I got the gift of the gab from my dad,” he laughs. He got his big break in 1983. “Johnny Nobel discovered me. He got me to do stand-up at this Inn. He convinced his connections that I was a British guy. “It was the only way they’d listen to me. I had to pretend to be English. So if you look at it, I was acting. I was born to be an actor man. And comedy chose me. It went great and the rest is history.” But he’s far from done. “To all directors out there, I can play a gangster with my eyes closed... I’m serious.” THIS & THAT BECAME a household name after starring in four Savannah (cider) ads. “I went to my doctor to check my plumbing, and while sticking something in my behind the doc says: ‘Do you know your monkey stole my Savannah...’ – wanting me to respond with the famous line: ‘If you hum it. I’ll play it’.” Born in Zimbabwe. “My mom says my first words at 16 months were: ‘Sell the farm’.” Says he’s not a pretender. Even if he meets Nelson Mandela he’ll greet him with a “wassup my cousin?” He’s also an entrepreneur, with businesses ranging from video to motorcycle shops. Doesn’t drive cars, which he considers dangerous. Prefers his motorbike. His eldest child is 30 years old. Loves to cook. Has performed to sold-out audiences around the globe. Was the first South African stand-up comedian to perform at the prestigious London Comedy Club. Has also featured in several TV shows, including his own series Funny You Should Say That and the game show The Generation Game. A prolific writer, Barry pens all his own material, including music. As a comic he doesn’t work out a routine. “I just say the first thing that comes into my mind while I am on stage. “I love talking nonsense.”

Finding Lenny Premier

A comedy with balls as it's so cleverly labelled had me at the edge of my seat the entire evening. This movie evidently portrays the magic that lies in our country. With a highly talented cast and crew, this movie is nothing short of FANTASTIC!!!! This journey of emotions starts write at the very beggining. In the firtst 30 minutes Barry brought tears to the eyes of the viewers and from thereon, there were mixed emotions travelling throughout the cinema. There were tears, laughter, Oooh's, aaaah's, screams, cheering, and so many sounds one never knew existed. This is the type of thing that makes you proudly South Africa. Barry is a complete natural...his emotions as Lenny are so easily captured and experienced by the audience and for his first film debut, he did a FLIPPIN good job!!! Director and writer Neil, Russel, Terry and the team, Big Ups!!! Barry....You Rock!!! Proud fan, Shafeeka
- Shafeeka Anthony

Finding Lenny

We thoroughly enjoyed your movie last night and will definitely be recommending it to our friends. Thank-you and congratulations for what you are doing for RSA Movies. Kind Regards,Storme (Bookkeeper @ Shirley Heydenrych’s Office) and Lyle (Ed-i-fice Construction)
- Storme Stevens

Finding Lenny

The movie was brilliant and my children and nanny cannot stop talking about it – thank you too for taking the photo of me and my family with Barry. We had a wonderful evening and I hope that Barry will win many awards for Finding Lenny and go forward to make many, many more proudly South African movies!! How about he makes a Finding Lenny 2?
- Jennifer Nokele

Barry Hilton dvd

Just want to say thank you Barry for giving me a good laugh and putting a smile back on my face. i have been in so much pain for months now but i am sure that a barry hilton dvd - a - day would keep the doctors away!! if i could, i would give you a hug to say thank you. kindest regards debbie sutherland
- Debbie Sutherland

all your material ... ever done!!!

I am your NUMBER ONE FAN!! You know me as "nat the bat" or maybe "Nat queen cole". you know who I am .... just wanted to remind you.... I will always be your number one.... there is nobody funnier than you. Love ya Baz.
- Natalie Palmer

Barnyard - Pretoria

Barry We've been to 3 of your shows - 2 at Menlyn Barnyard & ABSOLUTELY LOVED every second of it!!! We laughed so much it made us cry! :-) You are the best medicine to anyone for anything. When will we see you in Pretoria again??? Thanks for making us see the lighter side of life.
- Andri Theyse

Pepsi Beverages Corporte Event

Dear Barry Thank you for the wonderful show and for being the MC at our Gala Dinner at the conference on 12th August 2009, at Fairmont Zimbali Lodge in Kwa Zulu Natal. The entire delegation/guests of 75 from the 13 countries from all over world realy enjoyed the show and your company Thank you Regards, Shoba Mariemuthoo PA to Franchise Director - Beverages Pepsi - Beverages: Africa MU Simba (Pty) Ltd Tel: +27 11 928 6357 | Fax: +27 11 392 3124 Mobile: +27 83 445 1889 Email:
- Shoba Mariemuthoo

Finding Lenny Movie Review

Hi Barry I’ve just watched your movie for the third time, it’s really such a feel good flick and I really love the message “ It is what it is “ Nice to see you in something so real and heart-warming, I mean you’re a brilliant comedian, my cousin, but it was fantastic to see you in something “real”. Excellent, all the best for your next movie venture – you’re a natural. Cheers Barry ! Mike Freegard.
- Mike Freegard

Engen Royal Blue Breakfast

Hi Angie, Thanks for sharing Barry’s comments! We love working with you all and Barry always “delivers the goods!”. We got rave reviews from Tuesday’s Engen breakfast!!! Hope that there will be lots of business in the pipeline before Xmas!!! Kind regards, Marie
- Marie Grey and Associates

Speck Pumps South Africa (Pty) Ltd - 40th Celebration

Hi Barry Just a short e-mail to say thanks. I have seen many of your shows and “love” you. You were really the cherry on the top for our 40th Celebration. Even in my wildest dreams and hopes I could never have thought one person for an hour would seal the best event we have ever had at Speck Pumps. The compliments from my customers and suppliers came in like we have never had before. All ending with …And Barry Hilton was the best.Or Barry Hilton is the greatest. Fantastic .Just wish I could have spent 5 minutes with you having a beer. There is always next time Cheers Roderick Westwood Managing Director Speck Pumps SA PTY Ltd
- Roderick Westwood

Spar Kwa-Zulu Natal Members Meeting

Good morning Angie Thank you very much for assisting us with the Spar event yesterday – please find below glowing feedback for Barry! Thank you so much for arranging Barry Hilton for our meeting yesterday. He was FABULOUS. Everyone enjoyed his show thoroughly. I must admit he was one “celeb” that was so easy going and laid back. It was an absolute pleasure to have him at our meeting. Regards Pearlene Parmanand Please pass our thanks onto Barry as well. Kind regards Karen Marie Grey & Associates Providing Top Speakers for Conferences, Seminars & Special Events Postnet Suite 133 • Private Bag X2600 Houghton • 2041 Tel: +27 11 447 9485 • Fax: +27 11 447 8920 Email:
- Marie Grey and Associates

Grey Matters - 7 November 2009 - Grandwest

After watching nearly every one of Barry's DVD's, it was the first time I was lucky enough to watch him in person. The most exciting moment for me was when my husband and myself were walking towards the entrance nearest to our seats, and I looked up, straight into Barry's face!! I was as starstruck as a teenager and couldn't even ask for his autograph, but afterwards everyone had to hear how I "very nearly bumped into Barry Hilton". I was not disappointed as he once again delivered an excellent performance and can't remember when I last laughed as loudly.Thank you very much Barry for giving us something to laugh about in this day and age. And please, visit Cape Town again soon. Big hugs, Ausha Saptouw
- Ausha Saptouw

Shoprite Furniture Group

Hi Angie Please pass on our gratitude to Barry for a superb job as master of ceremonies and comedian on Saturday night. This was our 8th year doing this event, working with all kinds of MC’s and/or comedians, this year was one of the best to date, thanks to Barry keeping our program on schedule. Thanks Barry! We will be in contact with you soon. Kind Regards, Sean Bakos
- Off The Wall Events


New Hilton show is an all-round crowd pleaser 2010/03/12 THE HERALD - Boardwalk Amphi- theatre until March 13). Reviewed by Brian Hayward CALLING Port Elizabeth home truly shows in comedian Barry Hilton’s latest show in the city, Fresh Catch. Dressed in his trademark blue button-up shirt and white trousers, Hilton strode on to the stage as though he were in his comfort zone – and he was. Introduced by stand-up comic Michael “The Fly” Arthur, “The Cousin” wasted no time in getting topical. “Everyone overseas makes a fuss about (president Jacob) Zuma’s thee wives, but I’ve had three too, and I’m white,” he said, referring to his third marriage, to Bay lass Sandy in 2008. And therein lies the gem of the show – Hilton’s candid humour. Making no joke about the fact he has been thrice wed, he also spoke about his nerves as a 54-year-old father with a new baby on the way, some 17 years after his previous (and fifth) child. Hilton’s repertoire surpasses that of many of his peers, having made it on stage – his career spans 27 years – as well as TV, for his humorous Savanna adverts, and recently on the silver screen in the well received film, Finding Lenny. But the stage is where he is most relaxed, which shows in his engagement with the audience. Those in the front seats were definitely brave, or otherwise naive, in their positioning. There are no holy cows and every race, creed and culture is in for a revving. It is refreshing to find Hilton doesn’t tip-toe around racial topics, mentioning a conversation with a friend over crime. “She said to me: ‘Did you know that 85% of the crime in this country is committed by blacks?’ To which I replied: ‘Did you know that 85% of the people in this country are black?’” And from there the walls of prejudice came tumbling down amid roaring laughter from the audience. From Tiger Woods to Joost van der Westhuizen’s extra-marital romp – “Only Joost would say ‘It wasn’t me. I have a smaller totty than the man in the video.’” – to the upcoming Soccer World Cup and the impending invasion by British hooligans (fans). Even his son, Robin, was in the firing line with his recently acquired obsession with gym. While the show was well-received, there were some technical issues with the microphone which saw some of his jokes missed by the audience, while his sound effects were jarringly loud. And while it is billed as new, some of the content was not. But that should not matter to The Cousin fans or those new to the show. Another benefit of Hilton’s shows is that he is not crass. Naughty, perhaps. But not crude or vulgar, which more conservative audience members and those with children will appreciate. Just be warned: if you plan to sit in the front row, be ready for a one-on-one with Hilton.
- Brian Hayward


Hi, I went to see Bafunny Bafunny last night - convulsively funny stuff by all. Please tell Barry it was even more than we expected and my expectations were high to start with. Proper show. I've attached something I wrote about going to see the Soweto Gospel Choir in UK a while back and thought Barry might like to read it(?). Kind Regards, Dominic Marx ps send regards to Paris
- Dominic Marx

Barnyard - Willowbridge

Hi Angie I went to see Barry last night at the Barnyard in Tygervalley which was brilliant. He’s truly one of the funniest comedians I have ever seen. I wanted to find out when he’ll be performing again in Cape Town as I have some friends that would love to go see him live. Look forward to hearing from you. Regards Lance Kalk
- Lance Kalk

Finding Lenny Movie

Hi Barry, Just a note to say we enjoyed the movie thoroughly. This is definitely a new niche for you and we hope there are more movies in the pipe line. We look forward to the next one. Best regards Mo
- Mo Jenkins

Armchair Funnies show for CPA (EC)

Dear Barry Words can't express how grateful we are for the interest you have showed in our Association. Your eagerness to support us serves as encouragement as we strive to pursue our mission of assisting individuals affect by cerebral palsy. We hope you will continue on this wonderful path you have chosen. Your strength of character is both humbling and inspiring. Thanking you Barry From: Cerebral Palsy Association (Eastern Cape)
- Cerebral Palsy Association (Eastern Cape)

Daly BMW

Hi Barry You were brilliant on Friday and this is reflective in the way the audience responds to you. It is such a pleasure working with you. My sincere thanks. Pat Parker
- Pat Parker & Associates Event Management Division

Siemens Conference

Hi Angie Barry was fabulous last night the delegates loved him! Thanks for all your assistance. Warm regards Linda
- Linda Harwood

MAN Truck & Bus Africa

Thanks so much for recommending Barry Hilton to perform at our various functions around the country with the launch of our new flagship vehicle, the TGS-WW. Barry did an outstanding job of entertaining our customers. He is a genuinely funny guy who is able to reach a broad audience of diverse people. It was this flexibility and ability to customize his performance to fit our group that was greatly appreciated. His talent and style appealed to everyone. Thanks Barry, you did a tremendous job. We had great fun!! From: MAN Truck & Bus Africa Marja Brunninger Marketing Communications Manager
- Marja Brunninger

Thank You

Hi Angie I just want to thank you all for such a fantastic comedian, My best mate and I are constantly quoting The cousin. He is an absolute legend! He cant turn any persons day around. I watched his first show when I was 13 and since then He has stuck. Thanks again and send my regards to him please Regards, Derek Hanekom
- Derek Hanekom

BIC South Africa - Corporate Event

HI Angie From everyone at BIC please could you say a special THANK YOU to Barry for an awesome show, the comments and feedback have been wonderful and he certainly turned a good event for BIC into a great one. Thank you once again from all of us at BIC and tell The Cousin to never change he is one in a billion. Kind regards, Patrick Plunkett BIC South Africa (Pty) Ltd – Johannesburg Trade Marketing Manager - Lighters & Shavers
- Patrick Plunkett

Amazing Grace Gala Event

Please extend our warm thanks again to Barry for joining us at the Amazing Grace fund raise evening on 25 November at Oakfield with Bruno. It was a successful evening and we all had a great time – Barry was marvellous and kept the atmosphere just perfect! Regards Lewis Taljaard Treasurer Amazing Grace Children’s Home
- Lewis Taljaard

SAACI Eastern Cape Conference

On behalf of SAACI Eastern Cape, many thanks for agreeing to be our guest speaker at the AGM on Tuesday 14 June 2011. We had such positive feedback after your presentation, such as: “What made it so special, is that Barry spoke from the heart and with such meaning” (a few of us women felt quite emotional at times) “It was great to hear Barry’s life story, mixed with a few jokes” “Wow, he loves his wife” All the best for your new venture into Motivational Speaking and we hope to see you again at a SAACI event in the near future.
- Wendy Knott-Craig

Cousins Barry At his Brilliant best

There are some comedians whose mere presence on stage will get people chuckling, and a slight twist to their smile will have people rolling in the aisles. Barry Hilton is undoubtedly one such stand up comic! To have such a big name in South African comedy performing in Sedgefield was certainly a momentous occasion and one of the biggest treats local lovers could ask for. The one night fund-raiser for Sedgefield Primary and Busy Bugs Pre-Primary was a resounding success, raising tens of thousands of rands for both schools. For those who missed the boat the “gig” took place in the school hall on Friday 10 June and I’m sure that all 370 who got seats will agree, the hour and half show was well worth every cent. The real beauty of Barry, though I must admit I hesitate to use those words in the same sentence, in his spontaneity. How he manages to drift in and out of different topics, popping in a quick reference to a local business or well-known member of the audience, seemingly without form of order never mind advance preparation is a testimony to his talent. It gives each member of the audience the impression that they might be casually standing round a braai or sitting having coffee with one of the world’s most funny men. There’s no denying that Mr. Hilton put the “H” in hilarious, and though it doesn’t seem possible, he just gets funnier and funnier as the evening progresses. I guess what I’m saying is if we are ever fortunate enough to have “The Cousin” return for “nog n piep” (apparently he loves it here in Slow Town), make sure you are not slow in lining up for a seat. Thank you to the schools fundraising committee for spoiling us with this immensely entertaining international act!
- The Edge Community Newspaper

Missed Out in Sydney

Couzin, us saffers in Sydney are very disappointed. Sold out shows, we cant wait another 4 years to come back my couzin - we're having withdrawl symptoms here. Act like a couzin and come back for another show :-)
- Zulu Down Under

SA vs NZ Sky City Casino, Hamilton, New Zealand

Gigged with Barry Hilton last night, the guy is phenomenal! His impressions are Pryor-esk, his no profanity delivery reminded me of the great BTJ, a true privilege to share the stage with him!
- Mike King

Serial Comic - Melbourne

Barry rocked Melbourne with 2 amazing nights that had both his biggest South African fans and his newest Aussie converts in hysterics and cheering for more. Look out New Zealand! - Col Cameron
- Col Cameron

Menlyn Barnyard

Good day A group of our work people was at Barry’s show last night at Menlyn Pretoria. We enjoyed it immensely, I was so glad for the interval to get my breath back and to rest my stomachs muscles of all the laughter. Thank you and keep up the good work! Regards Herbert Heydenrych
- Herbert Heydenrych

Doha and Dubai - September 2011

We just want to thank you for coming to the Middle East and absolutely rocking both Doha and Dubai. We have had so many compliments about the show I don’t know where to begin. The Laughter factory is delighted with the response. Our Aussie, USA and British members loved your comedy and we are already getting lots of requests for your return visit. Our diary is always open for you. Please don’t be a stranger. Love and best wishes. Gail Clough Owner of The Laughter Factory Dubai
- Gail Clough

King of Comedy

Atterbury Show 30 November 2011 The show was great. And Barry is truly the king of comedy!
- Xenita van Deventer

Big fan!

Funny You Should Say That Too Hi Barry! Nice show at the Boardwalk! Big Fan! Thanks a lot for all the nice comments! From white polo shirt "gay" guy...
- Nico

Magic interview

Cape Talk Radio Thank you so much for arranging the interview today! It was absolutely magic! I really appreciate it.
- Tara Hossack

Informa Telecoms & Media

Informa Telecoms and Media Awards 2011 Hi Barry, As a leading UK-based events company organising conventions around the world, we have used the services of Barry Hilton twice to host our industry Awards evenings in Cape Town. His humour has kept our combined international and local audience very entertained and his ability to then instil the required decorum to reflect the gravitas of the Awards that he then introduced was right on the button. He was funny and then respectful which was just the balance we were looking for. Barry did a great job for us. Best regards, Ian Hemming CEO
- Ian Hemming

Highly recommended

I was at a local networking event this morning where Barry Hilton was the MC and entertainer and it made me think of all the great MCs you always find for the sales conferences. He was wonderfully entertaining and so funny I thought I should recommend him to you for entertainment at the next conference. You can have a look at his showreel at Best wishes Salome Schillack Managing Consultant Mobile: 0478 406 939
- Salome Schillack


Was a FABULOUS show on Sunday, Barry rocked The Ou Meul Teater in Paarl! Such a pleasure to see him on our stage :-) Vicky Stemmet Theatre Manager
- Vicky Stemmet

Making dreams come true

Hello there, I just want to say thank you so very much for all your efforts and please convey my message to Barry as well, he honestly made my boy’s dream come true, he made Juan-Ray feel so very special, and for that I will be forever grateful, there are no words to describe my appreciation. When we got home after the show, Juan-Ray said to me he feels like tonight was all just a dream. I truly wish you, Barry and all involved a lifetime filled with special moments (like you gave us) and blessings in abundance!!! MUCH LOVE, Tracy Godfrey
- Tracy Godfrey


I would like to thank Mr Barry Hilton for excellent service. We only have great things to say. He was extremely punctual, improvised and without us preparing him much he could easily introduce and announce. He was exceptional during his show. Geraldine SAB
- Geraldine SAB

Huge success!

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all your assistance in making my event such a huge success! Everyone had an absolutely fabulous night and are so keen for the next one. Barry, Thank you for producing such a top quality performance and going that extra mile (you know the one that people never travel?) for me! I appreciate you. You were such a pleasure to work with. I do hope to have the opportunity to work with you all again, Kindest regards, Chrystal Smith KCG Consulting
- Chrystal Smith

Firm favourite

Barry Hilton performed at the Atterbury Theatre again on 11 April 2014. He has always been a favourite of our audiences and is definitely one of the most loved comedians. He has the most amazing talent to see the amusing in situations and people and is never crude or nasty, and can even impersonate animals! He loves people and especially children and because is such a keen observer his acts are brilliant. Paulette The Atterbury Theatre
- Paulette

New Zealand

Barry last performed in New Zealand in 2012 to great acclaim, see some of the reviews from his show at the Bruce Mason Centre in Auckland on Saturday 18 August: Excellent show, absolutely hilarious, still laughing! Barry was tops! Had a great evening - quality time (almost two hours) and 90% was new jokes - really good laugh and enjoyable show. Barry Hilton was a laugh a minute What a great evening. That man can talk rubbish about anything and make people laugh The show was really good, it flowed really well and I laughed until my tummy was sore :) Very good, will be at the next one for sure! one of the funniest comedians from SA...the venue was great We laughed non-stop throughout the show. Barry Hilton is the whole package - his jokes are funny, his one-liners hilarious and one look at his face is enough to start you laughing. Brilliant, brilliant show! Barry Hilton good laugh The show was enjoyable, had a few good laughs which is what I went for. Barry - Cracking as always!!!! Great show, awesome venue! Fantastic show! A comedian who delivered his performance with ease!
- New Zealand 2012

Great job!

Barry Hilton SHOWLOUNGE Barry did very well and was another strong show. He won over the crowds and gave the audience a good laugh would be great to see him back on 'normal' cruises too, no bad language used! ​Great job! ELISE ANDREWS Grayboy Entertainment
- Grayboy Entertainment

Absolutely incredible

I wish to thank you for an absolutely incredible show and for the manner in which you treated the people of Klerksdorp. May God bless you in all your future endeavors. Kind regards Jacques Nel Executive Head Saint Conrad's College Brothers of Charity
- Jacques Nel

True professional

Thank you again to your team. The guests really enjoyed Barry as the MC, and he was a true professional. Jeanne Marie De Wet ICE SOLUTIONS
- Jeanne Marie De Wet

St Francis Links

Thoroughly enjoyed the show at St Francis Links!
- R. Regan

West Hills, Los Angeles

Barry was absolutely hilarious last night. A real hit with the crowd, Americans and all.
- Gabriel Vorobiof


Great meeting you at lunch on the Sun Princess last Friday. Barbara and I thoroughly enjoyed your two shows and kept repeating some of your jokes afterwards. Hope the rest of your cruise goes well.
- Mark Ferres

Pacific Dawn cruiseliner

Good shows for the first cruise with P&O Australia. What a great find!
- Zoltina Jay

Motivational speaker

"Upstairs at Barry's" at the Radisson Blu Thanks for a wonderful evening, my sis and I enjoyed it thoroughly! I love Barry’s new style as motivator versus just comedian, you should use him more and I will definitely promote from my side as well.
- Karen Marks

Hong Kong

It was great meeting barry and watching him perform. "Explosive, universal and very funny!" Jami Gong, Founder of TakeOut Comedy Club
- Jami Gong

Hong Kong Show

My friends and colleagues all enjoyed Barry’s show so very much. We have a group of friends from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, so it was surprising that the content of Barry’s performance appealed to everyone at one level or another. It would be my experience, that the show has an ‘international’ flavour and you ‘don’t have to be South African’ to appreciate the humour and the context of the comedy. As a professional woman I was also pleased that the content was funny without being crass or vulgar in anyway. I thought Barry showed outstanding talent and was entertaining to an audience of mixed age, profession and culture. I am happy to provide this letter of recommendation and wish you and Barry all the very best for the future. Gina McLellan - Director Australian Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong and Macau
- Gina McLellan

London's Clapham Grand

"Hilarious, we hope he comes back soon! Barry attracts more British audience members than any other international comedian."
- Pamela Doran

Laughter Lounge - Dublin

"A master comedian; Barry Hilton owns the stage. The venue was packed to capacity and a great time was had by all."
- Grant Ferris


Barry you rocked Singapore! You were stellar both nights, I hope I have the honor of hosting you again. Tell the world about comedy in Singapore, and I'm already telling them about the amazing experience of the phenomenon known as....Barry Hilton. Thank you for making us laugh : ) With the utmost respect and love, my cousin. Umar Rana- Comedy Masala
- Umar Rana


Barry Hilton is an amazing person, mixing with the audience before the show, and then, the transformation on the stage to an outstanding "stand-up" comedian with a 1000 expressions a minute and a laugh a second. I struggled to concentrate and take pics from the front row. He even paused in some of his jokes for me to take photos. Embarrassing!! See the pics on my timeline and each a different expression. In fact, Barry doesn't have to speak, his body language and facial expressions tells it all! Barry "for President"
- Desmond Scholtz


I have now experienced first hand what it is that you are doing for ALL South Africans, even more so for the ones abroad. I am sitting in Amsterdam and I have experienced 2 lifetimes in 2 days. I met a Saffa in Amsterdam and when he saw my Bok scarf he was so grateful to have someone to talk to who understands. We got to chatting and joking around and the first name he brought up was yours and he smiled and said "Kom ons braai". The work you are doing abroad is working for you because you are doing it right. You are not ripping the people off but giving them what they yearn for. Your intelligence fuels your passion and your passion portrays a positive vibe and people connect with that. So as much as you have fun doing what you are doing abroad you are recharging those people's souls and that is more important than any amount of money. When people hear your name we immediately associate with your humour and suddenly life is better. Your gift to SA and the world is far bigger than you think. You sir are a legend and if there was a hall of fame for famous South Africans who give back to the people of SA you have my vote!!!!! Much love and respect
- Kenneth Fisher

Kings and Queens of Comedy

ON THE STAGE: Kings and Queens of Comedy — a royal disappointment I AM beginning to wonder if theatre audiences aren’t as much to blame for some of the rubbish we’re seeing as the producers who deliver the shows. If an audience claps and cheers for material that really isn’t worth clapping and cheering for, how will we ever encourage artists and promoters to present anything better? I’m not suggesting we boo or walk out of anything less than excellent, but audiences give standing ovations for mediocrity and look at you askance if you dare to suggest that a show falls short of fabulous. The event to most recently spark these crotchety old thoughts was Kings and Queens of Comedy at Emperors Palace. Ten comics played to 3,500 people, and the audience laughed at the most inane, puerile and, quite frankly, unfunny material. I was by no means the only one not laughing, but reading Twitter afterwards you’d think it was the most mind-blowing show ever staged. (Maybe it’s a social media thing like Facebook, where you tell everyone what an absolute jol you’re having while, in reality, you’re at home alone updating Facebook.) Seriously, if you staged this show in a comedy club in the UK, some acts would have been vigorously booed off stage, not politely endured with forced titters and allowed to finish their dreary routines. I know that’s not the kosher thing to say because we need to encourage young artists and nurture emerging talent, but talent is the operative word here. Most of them had a few good lines, but not enough to sustain a full solo slot. Better tell them that right now, so they can either hone their act or pack it in and get a job where the key performance indicators don’t include generating laughter. Besides, we also need to grow our audiences, and charging people to see substandard stuff will hardly get them running back for more. Of the "comics" on the bill, only three were worth paying for: Marc Lottering, Barry Hilton and British import Ava Vidal. To be fair, Trevor Gumbi was a huge hit with much of the black audience, and proved that different races do still laugh at different things if you can’t come up with material that’s universally funny. Joey Rasdien was a good giggle, but came and went so quickly you couldn’t really judge how good he’d be given a longer slot. Vidal salvaged the dismal first half, delivering a level of much-needed sass, wit and smart observations that the other artists simply didn’t have. Her lively act quickly appeals to South Africans as she draws parallels between the two countries. The UK is extremely racist but doesn’t bother with the pencil test to gauge your colour, she says. "If you’re stopped by the police, you’re black." Finally we had a bit of audience pushback when another performer vastly outstayed her welcome while failing to generate a single decent laugh. But it was fascinating that the brave malcontents tried to remove her with cheers, rather than boos. What a polite and tolerant society we can be sometimes. At the interval, one couple I chatted to suggested perhaps it was our fault, as maybe we weren’t the right target audience for these comics. I asked him to elaborate on what we were that made us so unsuitable. "Intelligent," he said. It was almost the funniest line of the first half. It reminded me of something an off-the-wall and highly intellectual comic once told me: first-time comedy audiences find almost anything hysterically funny, while experienced theatre or comedy club audiences demand a level of humour that’s substantially more sophisticated. Luckily for the pack of knaves performing at the Kings and Queens of Comedy, this felt like a largely virgin comedy crowd. The MC for the evening was Darren "Whackhead" Simpson, who mistakes being insulting for being funny. Audience involvement is an expected part of stand-up comedy, but if your only weapon is an insult, not a quip, it fails dismally. That was the problem with a few of the other performers too — being funny often involves being crude, but being crude doesn’t often make you funny. Lottering and Hilton were the last two acts, and after more than three hours of the show, the audience finally got to enjoy some smart, rich and delightfully funny jokes and anecdotes, peppered with their own highly distinguished mannerisms and movements. They were a scream. Most of the other parts just left me wanting to scream. BY LESLEY STONES
- Lesley Stones

Goldfields Casino

The show was amazing, we had a jam packed venue with just over 500 people for the show. Customers enjoyed watching him and he was brilliant to chat to everyone before and after the show. A true professional. SHARIKA BETTS Marketing Manager - Goldfields Casino
- Sharika Betts


Romans Pizza ad I have to say Barry's new advertisement for Romans - F A N T A S T I C!!! There can only be one Barry Hilton ever!
- Tracy van Zyl

My Cuz

Baz my cuz, thanks a moeruva lot! Great stuff. And I respect you for being such a clever, witty, Cuz – the best this side of the world!
- Leon Schuster

Grayboy Entertainment, Sydney

"Barry Hilton must be the funniest comedian to have ever come out of South Africa and he is set to be one of the big comedy names in Australia and everywhere else that he is now working"- Graeme Gillies, Grayboy Entertainment, Sydney
- Graeme Gillies


“Barry seamlessly transcends cultural boundaries and appeals to an international audience” Umar Rana Founder, Comedy Masala Singapore
- Umar Rana

The Daily Maverick

He’s a leading light in the comedy business. Intelligent, observational, impeccably timed and not crude, sexist or racist. Just enormously funny, and a well-deserved winner. Lesley Stones - Daily Maverick
- Lesley Stones

Grandwest Casino, Sun International

How often do you get a local Comedian to fill the Grand Arena, well the answer is simple, almost never, with the exception of BARRY HILTON!!! It is amazing to think that Barry has single handedly managed to fill the Grand Arena on 3 occasions now with an average of 4000 guests per show. I just absolutely enjoy working with you, no fuss, no mess, just enormous happiness from our guests every time they leave after your show. Thank you for accommodating our request especially after your extensive travel time to Las Vegas. We look forward to hosting you again in the future and wish you all the best with your endeavours going forward. Gavin Taylor Entertainment Manager at Grandwest Casino, Sun International
- Gavin Taylor

The Success Academy

Dear Barry, We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere THANK YOU for helping us make the Gala Banquet, on 18 October 2013, a huge success! We have received many calls and emails from those who attended expressing their delight at having been at the event. Comments were made about the food, the wine, the entertainment, the decor, the art, and the auction! We’ve loaded a photo album on our Facebook page where you can see the event in pictures, please tag yourself in the photos! We’ve also written a blog post about the event on our website. Thank you again for the important part you played in breaking a record for the amount of money raised for WESSA’s Rhino Initiative ( in a single evening. R250,000 was raised from the event ticket sales and presented to WESSA on the evening and an additional R235,500 from the art and lifestyle auction, resulting in a total of R485,500. Without your contribution this would not have been possible! We will be following up with WESSA in the months ahead to learn how all the money you helped us raise is being spent. Watch out for these interviews on our Facebook and Google+ pages. With much appreciation, Charl du Toit CEO and Founder, The Success Academy
- Charl du Toit

Regent Racing and Imperial Auto

Hi Barry, Sandy and team! On behalf of Regent Racing and Imperial Auto, we would like to extend a MASSIVE thank you to for creating such memorable experiences with the Regent Racing team this weekend! We were extremely fortunate to have such a fun, professional and interesting person as part of the team and now BRAND AMBASSADOR for Regent Racing and the Donaldson Cross Country Motor Racing Championship!!! We sincerely hope and believe that we have given Barry an experience that he will never ever forget! Sandy, Deidre and Ivana, thank you for all your efforts in the background to make this happen... We hope to connect again soon! Barry is always welcome as he is now part of the family!
- Karen Van Wyk

RECLAM The New Reclamation Group

Hi Barry, We just want to thank you once again for the show that you put on for the guys in Sun City. Everyone is still going on about how excellent it was. Kind regards Gary and Ryan RECLAM The New Reclamation Group
- Gary and Ryan


5 December 2013 Barry Hilton – Dilmun Club I’ve never been in a room with so many South African at one time. The islands full intake must have been present at Candles Restaurant on Thursday night for the appearance of one of their favourite comedians, Barry Hilton. There were a splattering of other expats and Bahrainis in the audience and the talk beforehand was that it might be difficult for them to appreciate the humour. No worries Hilton took us all under his wing with a bit of banter and a wonderful way of imitating accents. It didn’t matter whether you were a Brit or an Aussie there was no escaping this master of merriment’s quick wit. Hilton is one of those old school comedians who can make you laugh out loud by simply changing the expression on his face or the movement of his body, whether he’s imitating a dog or a giraffe, this man’s the guru of guffaws! I can never remember jokes but Hilton had me in stitches with a couple of memorable asides worth sharing: • Johannesburg. It’s a place where criminals go for an apprenticeship. • One dog to another: what’s your name? I think it’s down boy. • Why hasn’t someone invented GPS for a woman to find what she’s looking for in her handbag? • I’m learning Chinese and have a Mandarin every morning. I’m doing it by segments. On the way home, I caught the news report about the death of Nelson Mandela, the revered icon of the anti-apartheid struggle, who was elected South Africa’s first black president after spending nearly three decades in prison. There was understandable mourning across the globe for the country’s loss but also a sense of celebration of the man’s life in the services that followed on Sunday. Who knows what the future will hold, but in Bahrain we witnessed South Africans of all sizes, colours and political persuasions laughing at others and more importantly, themselves. Forget about the attraction of wildlife game reserves I want to go to South Africa to feel the warmth of the people again after a brilliant night of entertainment at The Dilly. Stan Szecowka
- Stan Szecowka

Reach For A Dream Foundation

We would just like to thank you for sponsoring us with wonderful prizes for our 4x4 day! We believe it was a huge success and we could not have done it without you! I will send you photos of the day as soon as I received them. Thank you again and hope to work with you again in the near future! Kind Regards, Marnique Nel Marketing & Fundraising Coordinator, Pretoria Reach For A Dream Foundation
- Marnique Nel

Woolworths Foods

Barry's act was brilliant and the audience really enjoyed the entertainment. He was punctual which was also appreciated. Blanche van Niekerk Woolworths Foods South Africa
- Blanche van Niekerk


Mr. Barry Hilton is one of the most intelligent comics I have ever met, he is observant, smart, witty, quick, kind, he can improvise, he can pull off different accents, he is sociable, so loveable, writes his own material, has enough material to keep people laughing for hours, down to earth, he can cater to any kind of audiences and such an amazing person. Knowing that I actually opened up for a legacy like himself on stage is considered as one of my life achievements. His show in Bahrain was phenomenal, it was a work of brilliance as he managed to give us a blockbuster, Insanely Glitzy, Jaw Dropping and delightful energetic show that just leaves you with so much positivity to carry after the show. WE CANT GET ENOUGH OF HIM!! As every time he goes on stage, he brings an entire new show with him. It is so rare to have comics like him and we are so honored and delighted to have actually witnessed and had the chance to meet him, let alone opening for him on stage. Baraa Abdulla Bahrain
- Baraa Abdulla

Seasoned Pro

I would like to thank Barry for a job well-done at the South African Chrome Dinner held at Emperors Palace on 10 September. It is an absolute pleasure to work with such a seasoned professional. Barry was fantastic, not only as entertainer but also as MC. The crowd enjoyed him so much. I really appreciate this contribution and Zelda and the team is very happy with the outcome! Thank you once again. Kind regards Laricia Smit Managing Director - _Corporate Communications"
- Laricia Smit

Centurion Theatre

I have seen many of Barry's shows online and on tele, but never live. We did book one a few years ago, but show got cancelled due to Barry having an operation or something. Can't remember that far back. Finally we made a new booking and what an awesome experience! Barry is the most down to earth celebrity I know. He greeted everyone and made sure to chat with all of us. And he had me in stitches with his show. See you at Barnyard Barry! Can't wait!!!
- Bernadette van der Walt

The audience adores him

"I loved his performance and it was so lovely to see and hear how much the audience adores him"
- Michelle Horner - Agent, Ignite Elite Artists (Australia)

2016 Aus Tour

"Barry Hilton was just in Sydney with a new 2-hour show at the Sydney Opera House. He not only wowed the massive South African following he enjoys here, but attracted a large number of Australians and others that are all equally entertained by his hit comedy show. Hopefully he will be back with more very soon. A first class act."
- Graeme Gillies - Owner, Grayboy Entertainment

Very well received

Bear Paw Events and Barry Hilton and his team were an absolute pleasure to work with in the lead up to and during the Barry Hilton performance held at the Riverside Theatre on 19 January 2016. Feedback from the venue team on the floor was extremely positive and the show was very well received by attendees. We look forward to welcoming Bear Paw Events and Barry Hilton back to the Centre again soon!
- Jessica Ferguson - Event Manager, Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre

New Comer's

Although this event was booked in with a relatively short lead time, we appreciate that BearPaw Events and your team were able to work with SOH to get the show on sale within a matter of days. Marketing collateral, website and ticketing information was all readily available and formatted to specifications, technical and event logistic arrangements were locked in promptly. Your responsiveness and detailed information greatly assisted us in presenting a seamless event on the night, one attended by a large number of new comer’s to the “house”. We wish all the very best for your future events.
- Rachel Hume - Events Account Manager, Sydney Opera House


I want to convey our appreciation to Barry for his contribution to the success of the event. His show was excellent and the way he ran the evening was the ultimate professional. From CANSA, all the sponsors and all that attended it was WOW!!!! If we had the date for next year we would have booked him already!!!!
- Oliver Moorcroft

Roaring with laughter

My husband is Australian and I am South African and we both thoroughly enjoyed the show. Barry is very engaging and had us roaring with laughter. His humor speaks not only to South Africans, but translates very well to appeal to a global audience. I am a long-time fan and it was great to see him again. He is very approachable and took the time to mingle with fans before and after the show - a truly great guy! We look forward to his next visit Down Under. All the best, Mandy
- Mandy - Fan, Australia

Motivational Talk

Thank you so much for a very successful motivational speech from Barry last week. Everyone loved his performance. We hope that this will be the first of many conferences to come that he will be performing for us. Jasmin - Red Meat Abattoir Association - June 2016
- Jasmin


You have no idea how much we appreciated the fact that you shared “Your Story” with us this morning (13/07/2016) What an inspiring “ life” ambassador you are! So many of the business folk in attendance said how valuable the message was to them and asked me to Thank You for sharing your life’s truth and the encouragement that was inspired because of it.
- Ingrid Cronje - George Business Chamber

Thank you

On behalf of the SWG Team, we just want to say thank you to Barry Hilton for the awesome performance. We have had such good feedback. So thank you again and we look forward to working with you in the future.
- Thirusha - Serendipity Worldwide Group

MEGA Thank You

Dear Barry, I would like to personally thank you for being the MC at our MEGA Function on the 17th November 2016, at the Hilton Hotel, Sandton. The evening was a “SMASH” and a great success. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with this man “Barry Hilton”, and his mannerism and professional attitude, as well as his “show” were WORLD CLASS. Our function was a HUGE success, and I have had only positive feedback from the attendees. Yours faithfully, Greg

Quick thank you!

Barry and Team, Quick email to say thanks for a great show last Saturday in Durbanville. 16 years ago I first watched you perform in PE and my first son had just been born so we grabbed a VHS tape from you at the end of the show and got you to sign it ‘To Kian’, our son. 16 years later Kian got to see you perform and relive some of those earlier VHS memories! Thanks for many years (and many to come) of laughter! Thanks Nathan & Kian Bradley
- Nathan & Kian Bradley


Barry was excellent and our crowd loved him
- Joanne deFreitas - Sumitomo Rubber

Quick Note

This is a quick note of thanks to you and Barry for the wonderful energy, and atmosphere that was brought to our User Conference on the 27th and 28th March. I’ve received such positive feedback from staff and customers alike. He was definitely the highlight of the conference.
- Rudi Erasmus - Marketing and Communications Manager

Special thanks

On behalf of all the youth Priests from the Old Apostolic Church, a very special thank you to Barry, the show was a knock-out, people are still talking about it, it was a wonderful afternoon of laughter.
- Kathy Ranzow, 2017

Brilliant Comedy

Brilliant comedy – clever, respectful and incredibly funny. Barry has a sense of humour that would appeal to any international crowd but he peppers his act with moments of true South Africa… He makes you laugh because you have lived everything he talks about. A master of observational humour, his expressions and timing are unforgettable. He took everyday Canadian events and made them screamingly funny observations the South African way.
- Greg Klewchuk - Winnipeg

Winnipeg, Canada

I had the pleasure of working with Barry Hilton last weekend in Winnipeg, Canada. From the moment he stepped on stage until delivering the closing punch line, he had everyone engaged. I was impressed at how interactive he was with the audience, spontaneously including particular people in the crowd in the jokes and then coming back to them periodically. The audience included a wide range of ages. Barry's ability to tell jokes with many levels to them, making everyone in the room bust a gut laughing, while not going "over the line" was quite remarkable. Barry was hilariously blunt while touching on so many South African, Canadian & universal truths. This guy is a pro!
- Alex S from Winnipeg

Mines Rescue Long Service Award Function

Dear Barry, thank you so much for being an excellent MC at our function. You kept the proceedings professional with the required dignity. Your comedian show after the formal proceedings was exceptional and full of laughter. It set the tone for an enjoyable evening and I fully endorse and recommend your services
- Christo de Klerk

Talk Funny Workshop: Sales Made Light

Very informative! Talk Funny increased my awareness that sales/communication can be “lighter”, fun and less serious. I learnt to think and be creative, be open minded and don't fear to fail. The workshop has great structure & atmosphere. Loved the small class size. Thank you for the great experience Barry! I will embrace it!!
- Anke Kleinhans

Talk Funny Workshop is SO informative!!

VERY informative!! I learnt skills that I can implement into my business and private life. So refreshing to attend a course where you’re excited to learn and come out feeling confident to implement what you have just learnt. Own your sales! Own your success!!
- Kayleigh Ellingson

Talk Funny! I smaak it STUKKEND!

My was awesome and I learnt a lot! This workshop opened my eyes to how the comedy formula works and I will implement this into my sales strategy. When I watch Comedy Central, I will say out loud, oh, that is a set up, this timing, that is...just brilliant!! I definitely recommend Talk Funny.
- Faziela Mohideen, Cape Town

I LOVED the Talk Funny Workshop

Talk Funny is a thoroughly enjoyable and informative workshop. Entertaining, interesting with lots of personal interaction & encouragement. Information was easy to absorb thanks to Barry’s passion for the subject. I LOVED it!
- Robyn Fox, Cape Town

Just do the Talk Funny Workshop Now!!

Incredibly fun & entertaining - haven't laughed so much in a sales workshop in a LONG time! Great information shared in learning a new skill. Thank you Barry!!
- Sonia Theron

Talk Funny is a Brilliant idea

Talk Funny is a Brilliant idea. You have something bigger here Barry Flippin Hilton! I'm more of the analytical than the witty type, but this still helped me learn a lot about how to place humour/jokes into all things business development, sales, meetings etc :-)
- Dane

I recommend Talk Funny Workshop

I learnt a lot and would recommend Barry's Talk Funny workshop to all....
- Andries B

Still funny after all these years

Saw Barru at Carnival City last night. He singled me out as the only visiting Scotsman! I remember Barry from years ago when he performed nearly every Friday night at the Runway Bar at the then Jan Smuts Holiday Inn. Barry you're a Master of your craft and look forward to seeing you again when you visit Glssgow in July. Watch out this time... I'll be bringing some cousins!
- Alex Nicoll

Talk Funny was engaging & educational

Talk Funny was SO entertaining, engaging & educational! Laughed a lot and learned even more. Practical exercises solidify the learnings – fantastic day! Thank you Barry.
- Tanya Haffern, Tanya Haffern Consulting

Talk Funny: Barry is a great teacher

Barry Hilton is brilliantly engaging and actually a great teacher. Comedy is something I didn’t realise could be taught, however Barry broke it down & made 100% sense of his methods during the Talk Funny workshop.
- Vivion Smith, CMH Toyota Melrose

Thoroughly enjoyed Talk Funny

Very enjoyable!! Thank you Baz
- Murray Nienaber, CMH Toyota Melrose

Talk Funny workshop

Talk Funny taught me not to take oneself too seriously and be prepared to make mistakes. I will practice often and use the 3 basic joke styles.
- Graydon Marais, Synergiser

Talk Funny workshop

Baz, your Talk Funny workshop was a blast! Thanks very much.
- Keith Carter

Talk Funny is not just funny...

Seriously, Barry is a genius! Talk Funny is not just funny but motivational too.
- Chris Willemse

I learnt PLENTY @ Talk Funny

Talk Funny was very valuable & I learnt PLENTY. Thanks Baz
- Brian Weldeman

Keep Jokes Simple & Basic = Talk Funny

I learnt to keep jokes simple & basic during the Talk Funny workshop. This way you keep the attention on you and the subject matter. Really enjoyed it - thanks Barry
- Juan-dre Botha, Colliers International

Talk Funny workshop

I felt really comfortable & Barry put us all at ease during his Talk Funny workshop. I learnt how humour can break the ice with clients & a smile or laugh can make all the difference to a meeting or presentation. Such fun!
- Sandi Simpson, The Courier Junxion

Talk Funny workshop is a MUST

Talk Funny is must for anyone wanting to expand their idea of what it takes to be funny. Usually a daunting task, but nicely broken down by Barry. Well done on an awesomely fun workshop. 10/10 – would highly recommend.
- Damian Schmidt, Radio Presenter, MIX FM

I can now Talk Funnier

Learning how to accentuate a joke/pun and how to put together a one liner is SO valuable for my job as a radio presenter. Talk Funny is brilliant for corporate companies & their staff. Great fun. Thanks Baz.
- Al My Pal, Radio Presenter, MIX 93.8 FM

Talk Funny was an amazing experience

Barry's Talk Funny workshop was an amazing experience. Creating your own jokes is a life skill that everyone needs to learn & uncover. The methodology is something everybody can use & apply to life. This workshop engages you mentally and challenges you to find the sense of humour that is in all of us and use it in everyday communication. Extremely professional with workshops using business and personal topics! I have never been this entertained in any workshop ever. Laughter is the best medicine!!!
- Andrew Ford

Talk Funny - The confidence booster

The training session is a great confidence builder & motivates you to persist. I also realised that I am not that funny when I’m trying to be funny Ha Ha
- Lundi Khoisan, Radio Presenter, MIX FM

Break the ice with a joke = Talk Funny

I learnt that breaking the ice with a joke will get me more business! Simple jokes work the best. Thanks Barry!!
- Adrian Shaw, Colliers International

Talk Funny - Educational & practical

Talk Funny is entertaining, educational & practical. Met my objectives for the day. Now for practical & implementation. Highly recommend.
- Paul du Toit, Congruence

Talk Funny - best course ever attended

Talk Funny is the best course ever attended! A lot of attention given! Extremely fun! Thanks Barry!
- Richard Erasmus, CMN Mazda Randburg

Talk Funny is a great investment

The time spent with Barry taking his Talk Funny workshop was a great investment. It shifted me completely out of my comfort zone and exposed me to a great diversity of people all collaborating around one of the things we all have in common, the joy of humor and laughter. Barry opened up the secret vault to us all in the most hilarious way. Its not easy but persistence pays off and he leads by example. Thanks to you all for a great day.
- Ian Curry

Gordons Bay Outreach

Thank you very much for making yourself available for the Gordons Bay Outreach Event! Your performance was exceptionally good and contributed to a very successful evening.
- Peter Venter

Talk Funny was truly amazing

The workshop was truly amazing. I could listen to Barry talk all day. The group was small and that allowed for personal one-on-one interaction. The presentation was clear and to the point. I learnt to be confident enough to just say my joke and to keep things simple and personal. I now know what to do to Talk Funny :-)
- Keitumetse Mokgoro, Classic FM 102.7

Talk Funny was just brilliant!

Baz taught me the joke writing techniques and how to look for inspiration. Talk Funny was just brilliant!
- Ruben Delmage, Groot FM 90.5

I love...Talk Funny

I love Barry Hilton, his life, his story, his authenticity and of course, Talk Funny. I learnt to write my own jokes and felt relaxed doing so.
- Kim Wetzl, ABC International

Talk Funny was really magical

Talk Funny was really magical when we spontaneously threw out funnies. It was easy, safe, open and great for building confidence. I learnt that anyone can be funny and there is material all around.
- Mano Slabbert, Phela Wellness

I recommend Talk Funny

I would recommend Talk Funny for anyone looking to include humour in formal presentation and talks. Joke writing is a skill that can be learnt! It has a methodology of different styles and I learnt the value of team effort when writing material.
- Marcia Eugenio, Phela Wellness

Blessed to have attended Talk Funny

You are a legend...a mouth and a brain that quick should be bound by law to have a license as a cultural weapon. You really care to share your depth of comedic experience. Thanks Baz. I feel blessed to have attended Talk Funny.
- Arnold Geerdts, TV & Radio Presenter

Informative day at Talk Funny

There were a dozen of us at the Talk Funny workshop, ranging from a lawyer to a psychologist to a radio producer to the sports broadcaster and conference speakers. After teaching us his joke writing formula, it was our turn to write a few jokes. “Don’t worry how kak they are,” said Barry, by way of encouragement. I took a deep breath and delivered my joke to the room. “Did you hear about the new alphabet they’re using in Cape Town?” I enquired. “A B C D E F G, P Q R S T U V, W X Y and Z.” I paused for a moment. “It’s because they haven’t got H2O.” This doesn’t make me a stand up comedian, but I’m now well equipped to pepper my writing with funnies. Thanks to Barry for a highly entertaining and informative day of serious endeavour.
- Gus Silber, Journalist/Author

Learn from the Talk Funny MASTER

Imagine being able to have an audience with a genius. Imagine a one on one with Picasso or a day with Einstein. How about being able to pick the brain of Warren Buffet or learning directly from Coco Chanel? Well, I GOT TO SPEND THE DAY WITH A COMIC GENIUS - BARRY HILTON at his Talk Funny workshop. What a genuine, nice man with a heart of gold and a comic Midas touch. If you want to spend time with Barry and learn how to write your own jokes at the foot of a master you can. Thank you Baz and your team for a great few hours. I can now say I have studied with a master. Love you friend.
- Gavin Sharples, Humorist & Speaker

Barry Hilton, Glasgow Classic Grand

How do you get a couple of hundred South Africans into a former porn cinema in Scotland? Easy, you book one of the Rainbow Nation’s funniest men and promise he’ll keep his clothes on. Even though Barry ‘The Cousin’ Hilton has lost a lot of weight in recent years, we’d much rather he made us laugh than hark back to the Classic Grand’s seedy past. And the laughter was raucous as Hilton tapped expertly into the ex-pat South African humour while giving us all a taste of home. His impressive career started well before the fall of apartheid and has continued to flourish in the new South Africa – giving him plenty of inspiration for edgy, finger-on-the-pulse material that means he’s adored by one and all. But it’s for his physical comedy that Hilton is arguably most admired. That manic smile he uses to sign off so many jokes never fails to crack up his audience, whether he’s telling a new story or riffing briefly on one of his most famous tales, the “ons gaan nou braai” masterpiece. Hilton performs a blistering set that lasts for just over an hour, but packs in a week’s worth of laughs. All told, a brilliant night for Glasgow’s far-flung Saffas. But take note Classic Grand, South Africans drink brandy – fucking lots and lots of brandy. A limited flow of our favourite spirit had us saying “ons gaan nou riot,” until one eagle-eyed drinker spotted a half-full bottle hidden on a shelf. Lekker.
- reviewgangsta

Thank you

We would just like to say a big thank you to Barry for his performance. Everyone absolutely loved it. Thank you
- Amanda (Honda Motor Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd)

Speck 50th -Thank you

Hi Barry Thank you so much for being a star attraction at our 50th Celebration. Once again another show out of the top draw. Look forward to seeing you at other shows over the years to come. Will make sure I am not in the front row!!!!. We have received numerous thanks and congratulations for a wonderful evening. All saying they had such a laugh and such a blast. Great finally to be able to have that drink and bite of pizza with you after the show. Thank you for being part of our special evening and celebration. Hope to see you soon again.
- Roderick Westwood - Managing Director

THANK YOU: Barry Hilton

The Goldwagen team would like to express our sincere appreciation for Mr Hilton’s time at our Franchisee year-end function which was held last week Saturday. We have received so many positive emails/telephone calls post the event and would like to share and highlight the following: 1. The way in which Mr Hilton conducted the entire event, the atmosphere that was created during the event was amazing; and 2. The attendees appreciated the manner in which Mr Hilton approached the story telling and the jokes for the evening. The event was a huge success and we want to acknowledge the part that Mr Hilton played. Regards, The Goldwagen Team
- The Goldwagen Team

A HUGE Thank you

We just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for Barry’s performance on Friday evening. He was absolutely brilliant, everyone loved him. Thank you for your support, we truly appreciate it.
- Amanda-Lea Jones - PATCH-Helderberg Child Abuse Centre


Just wanted to tell you how much I loved your show last night in Knysna. What a talent - a super evening. The special Rottweiler- cringing farts are known in the UK as SBDs (silent but deadly) - only produced by men, who always deny them (but you probably knew this already!). Many thanks - look forward to you coming back to Knysna. Sue Rendall ( the friend with the German girl!)
- Sue Rendall

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