Top Comedians hook up with Comedy Central for fun new promotional campaign #makelifefunnier

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February 16, 2017
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Top Comedians hook up with Comedy Central for fun new promotional campaign #makelifefunnier

Comedy Central's #makelifefunnier

Twenty-one of the country’s top comedians are joining forces with Comedy Central in making Mzansi comedy fans fall head-over-heels in love with home-grown stand-up comedy.

Kicking off on Valentine’s Day, the campaign will see the 21 comedy luminaries starring in a fun new Comedy Central promotional campaign that will run on TV, billboards and social media throughout the year.

Throwing dignity and caution to the winds, the comedians have filmed a range of adorable stunts, slow-mo clips, face-offs and silly promos showing them interacting humorously with dogs, beach balls, glitter, pom poms, balloons and much more, using the props in a comic way to represent their own personal “brand” of comedy.

“Comedy Central is on a mission to make life funnier, and to support the local comedy scene; we are delighted at the amazing response we have had from these great comedians in the interest of fighting every day monotony and the forces of boredom! We’re proudly saying there is nothing more entertaining than comedy. Premier League…Cricket….Cinema… nothing beats laughter.”

In the coming months, the 24 hour comedy network and official “home of funny” is “standing up” for South African comedy and comedians by increasing the volume of local comedy programming on the channel .

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