Talk Funny Workshop


If one thing is for certain, it’s the fact that pretty much nothing really is certain. Change is inevitable. And more often than not, it’s a very welcome thing. It is said that most people change careers at least once, if not twice, in their lifetime. But it doesn’t always have to be that extreme. You might already be very happy and settled in your environment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep adding to your skills.


This workshop is in no way a training ground for stand-up comedians. It’s not aimed at creating a new version of you, it’s creating a better, more versatile version of you. Functioning in your own, established environment, but with a new and unique edge that adds value to your work and your interaction with others.


In just one day, 12 attendees will be introduced to the world of joke and comedy writing by somebody who, after more than thirty years’ professional experience, is more than qualified to share the secrets and mechanics behind being funny. You’ll be taken behind the scenes to explore and discover the mechanics of comedy from the inside-out. Learn more about the basic structure of jokes, the limited number of approaches, styles and ingredients available and how to combine them in a seemingly unlimited number of ways. Once the theoretical and more academic information has been laid bare, it’s time to move on and get your hands dirty with the real stuff. With the basics out of the way, the course moves into workshop mode where the variety of options, approaches and styles come together in the art of joke-writing. Armed with the essence of what goes into material, it’s time to explore the different formulas that combine these elements into hand-crafted jokes. Focus is also placed on the art of writing as a whole, creating story lines that carry the joke and how to use these in conversations, presentations, sales pitches, meetings, lectures, speeches or any other element of your professional or personal interactions with others.


Armed with all of this, it will then be time for you to apply your new-found knowledge. The reason you’re taking the workshop is to learn to write your own jokes. In small groups, the participants will get the opportunity to create their own material. This is where the one-on-one interaction helps with the implementation of all the theoretical and academic background. Once you’ve created your gags, it’s time to work on the more intrinsic elements like delivery, tone and the ever-important element of timing. Polishing your brand-new joke into a real gem.


To end the day everybody will get the opportunity to test-drive their new gags in front of each other. Not only to showcase their new skills, but also to keep watching and learning from each other. With a solid feed-back session and Q&A you’ll get one more chance to consolidate your new-found knowledge and skill before you unleash a brand new, funnier you on the world.


  • "Learning how to accentuate a joke/pun and how to put together a one liner is SO valuable for my job". Al My Pal, Radio Presenter, MIX 93.8 FM
  • "Talk Funny is a must for anyone wanting to expand their idea of what it takes to be funny." Damian Schmidt, Radio Presenter, MIX FM
  • “Talk Funny workshop was a great investment.” Ian Curry
  • "Talk Funny is entertaining, educational & practical." Paul du Toit, Congruence
  • "I learnt that breaking the ice with a joke will get me more business!" Adrian Shaw, Colliers International
  • "Creating your own jokes is a life skill that everyone needs to learn & uncover." Andrew Ford
  • "Comedy is something I didn’t realise could be taught, however Barry broke it down & made 100% sense of his methods." Vivion Smith, CMH Toyota Melrose
  • "Talk Funny increased my awareness that sales/communication can be “lighter”, fun and less serious." Aneke Klienhans

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