Become a Barry Hilton PATRON
April 24, 2020

Order Jokes

Now YOU can CUSTOM ORDER funny and original JOKES by South Africa’s favourite comedian Barry Hilton!  

You might need to do a speech, start a conversation with a possible client, or you may just want to be the funny one with the topical gags.  No problem, simply visit ………. and choose one of the options.  The jokes are 100% yours, you own them, forever.

With almost four decades of comedy experience and firmly established as one of South Africa’s premier stand-up comedy acts, one thing is certain: Barry’s got jokes. And he’s happy to share them with you!

You know the people, the environment, the background and the quirks – Barry knows how to take that information and deliver tailor-made gags and quips. Ensuring that your turn at the microphone is not forgotten the moment it’s over. Visit ….. right now and place your order.

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