Fired up for the Festive Season

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October 10, 2014
February 10, 2015

Fired up for the Festive Season

Zimbabwe Achievers Awards South Africa

Everyone’s favourite cousin and comedian, Barry Hilton walked away a winner at the inaugural Zimbabwe Achievers Awards South Africa.

At the red carpet event held in Johannesburg, South African comedy legend Barry Hilton was presented with the Personality of the Year award.
The Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (ZAA) South Africa recognizes Zimbabweans who have pushed the limits to raise the Zimbabwean flag high. Hilton, who was born in Zimbabwe, competed against four other nominees selected by 10 judges. “I feel truly blessed as the winner of this award. The reason I think I won is because, unlike a lot of other celebrities, I don’t hide behind hoodies and sunglasses but rather choose to engage with my fans,” Hilton said. “I have an approachable nature and love making people laugh and keeping them smiling, so why wouldn’t I show that everywhere I go and to everyone I meet.”

Public Shows
This year, Barry’s globetrotting has seen him perform in Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Vietnam, Seychelles, Mauritius, on board international cruise liners, in Zimbabwe and also in Doha.  The great news is that he now has some public shows on home ground!

Tickets for the following shows are available at Computicket:
5 December – Atterbury Theatre in Pretoria
16 December – Fancourt in George
19 and 20 December – The Lyric Theatre at Gold Reef City
21 December – Jou Ma Se Comedy Club in Cape Town
3 January – Paul Cluver Amphitheatre (45 min drive from Cape Town)

Barry also has a show in Worcester at The Golden Valley on 13 December at 21:00.  Tickets are available from the casino’s cash desk or call 00233487200.  You can also send an email to

Lights, Camera, Action
Barry’s starred in three Lasher tools TV adverts this year and four Romans Pizza Adverts.  “I’m loving being in front of the camera,” says Barry.  “I can’t wait to shoot the next TV ad for another popular South African brand early next year.”

Christmas Stocking Fillers

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